The power of the unconscious

Although it is now widely believed that the mind houses an all-powerful Freudian unconscious, my research shows otherwise. Focusing on visual perception, I am mapping out the scope and limits of unconscious processing.


Why do we have conscious experience? What could be its function? What could be its neural basis? In my research, I am contrasting conscious and unconscious visual perception to shine some light on these questions.

Continuous flash suppression

Continuous flash suppression (CFS) is a fascinating method that can render an image shown to one eye invisible for up to several seconds. In my research, I am developing measures of conscious and unconscious processing during CFS. 

Social vision and mental disease

Other human beings are the most important visual stimuli in our lives. My work shows that this affects what we see, perhaps even unconsciously. In mental disease, social perception can be altered, and I try to understand how.